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Discover a church community built on authentic relationships.

Why 242?

The 242 in our name comes from Acts 2:42 when a community of Jesus' followers first gathered together to share life and celebrate Jesus. Grace 242 began in much the same way first gathering at a park in Mequon, Wisconsin not as a "church" but as a community of believers who genuinely loved one another. The similarities don't end there.


We often hear that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. We couldn't agree more. The early believers shared the gospel, as well as their lives, with one another and made disciples. Just like the early church, we want to build authentic relationships with others that always point back to Jesus.

Meet our pastor.

Pastor Bill Ver Velde

Hello everyone!

As Grace 242's Pastor, I'm honored to welcome you to our website! Full disclosure, I'm at Grace 242 because they told me "Bill you belong here." Now I get to say the same to you, "You belong here!" I love this place and I hope you can share in that experience!


Blessings as you browse the site, 


Pastor Bill

The foundation of what we believe.



Multiplying Disciples.




Triune God.

Infallible Bible.

Eternal Life.

Our Story

Our Savior was born in a stable.

Our church began in a park.

Great things can come from very humble beginnings.

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